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Your subscription includes Home Budgetting Software
  • Use the software to identify all your expenses.
  • Eliminate or reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Create an Expenses Budget that Increases your Savings.
  • Increased Savings leads to Increased Wealth Creation.
  • Monitor actual expenses against budget.


Your subscription includes Financial Planning Software
and a Personalised Online Financial Planner.

  • Easy-to-Use. Custom designed for ‘Mom and Dad’s’.
  • Long Term Budget projects up to 30 years
  • Projections include Assets, Liabilities, Superannuation, Income Tax and Cash Flows
  • Complete your Personal Details then contact your designated Online Financial Planner who will assist in preparing your Financial Plan.
  • Incorporates both financial and tax saving strategies and lifestyle choices.
  • Updated for changes in taxation legislation.
  • Easily updated for change in circumstances
  • Annual Reviews conducted with your Planner
  • To view video library Click Here

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Your subscription package includes Investment Portfolio Software
  • Total flexibility to invest your own money or
  • Appoint us as your Investment Manager. Click Here
  • Track the performance of all your investments
  • Unlimited number of portfolios
  • Share prices updated daily. Managed funds monthly.
  • Manage your Capital Gains Tax exposure
  • Risk Profile Questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance
  • Four (4) pro forma portfolios, comprising Index Funds, designed to suit four (4) different risk profiles
  • Stock recommendations, top performing managed funds and superannuation funds.


Time is the magic ingredient for your wealth creation plan.
  • Think 15, 20 even 30 years
  • “Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world” – Albert Einstein
  • Young people receive the greatest benefit
  • Not acting now is a very expensive mistake
  • Don't Delay, Time is Money!

Example of $100,000 invested at 10% pa.
At the end of 30 years the investment is worth $1.74m of which
$1.64m is compounded interest.

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What the Press are Saying

Management December 2012

“Trulity wants to transform the way financial planning is delivered to Australians by offering a simple low-cost solution…” “We have chosen to use technology to provide an alternative to the current full service financial planning model…”

The Australian Financial Review February 2013

Last year Kruger launched Trulity, an online DIY financial planning business ….the Trulity software “produces exactly what you would receive if you visited a financial planner but does so at a fraction of the cost” Kruger says that the software can craft a plan with relative ease. “People will begin to scratch their heads and wonder why they’ve paid thousands of dollars for this process,” he says. Kruger is talking from experience. Prior to launching Trulity, he followed a well-worn, conservative path into financial planning. Starting out as a chartered accountant, Kruger added a financial advice side to his practice that eventually dwarfed the bean-counting business. Kruger moved through a couple of the early accountant-friendly dealer groups. Bleakleys and Count and then ended up supplying financial planning services to Deloitte under an alliance arrangement. After selling up in 2008, Kruger reflected on a professional career that he felt had an unmistakable factory feel to it at times. “[The financial planning industry] is a big, repetitive machine churning out the same plans over and over,” he says. “If you pulled 100 files [from most advisory firms] 90 of them would probably be identical plans, except for different names, dates and numbers “I thought we should be able to computerise the whole process.”

Courier Mail December 2012

VETERAN Brisbane accountant Bill Kruger has thrown down the gauntlet to the financial planning industry. Getting a jump on what will be a new fee model - remember planners, thank Storm Financial for that - Kruger's website offers a capped monthly fee model….. Apparently people will be able to access modules to improve their understanding of their financial affairs and buy into basic investment portfolios consisting largely of ETFs and LICs. Not a mansion or private jet to be seen with this model.

Professional Planner December 2012

A financial planning service has thrown down the gauntlet to the industry by offering consumers an online platform…. “just as online stockbroking challenged traditional full service stockbroking, with all its accompanying benefits to consumers, we believe Trulity will be the start of revolutionising the delivery of financial planning…”

The New Zealand Herald January 2013

Tellingly, Trulity wasn't created as a revenge project by a disgruntled ex-client with nerdish, digital expertise but by an experienced former financial planner steeped in the traditional ways. Bill Kruger, who I was interviewing for an Australian magazine article, told me that after 20 or so years as a financial adviser he had come to the conclusion that "80 to 90 per cent" of financial plans were virtually the same. That is, if clients fall roughly into a limited number of categories the end product (the financial plan) they receive would inevitably look similar. Kruger thought the experience could be reproduced as computer code.

Wealth Professional February 2013

Trulity offered consumers “pretty much everything you need to control your own financial planning and investing activities”… The former accountant supplied financial planning services to Deloitte under an alliance arrangement, before selling up in 2008 and subsequently launching Trulity. Trulity produces model portfolios – composed mainly of direct equities, exchange-traded funds and other low-cost passive products – but it’s up to clients to implement investments themselves if they wish to follow the recommendations.

What our Clients are Saying

Chris Hefford, Sydney

“I have been accumulating my super for years with one of the large insurance companies and after reading Trulity’s comments about the costs of traditional financial planners I did some investigating. Let’s say I was sick at how much money I have wasted. I have now set up a SMSF with my accountant and am very happy using Trulity’s low cost financial planning model.”

Richard Sainsbury, Toowoomba

“Having recently qualified, and with a young family, I was interested in setting up a financial plan to secure our futures but was put off by the costs quoted by my bank’s financial planner. A friend introduced me to Trulity and I have been amazed at the low cost and how easy it has been for me to create my own plan. I have not had to use Trulity’s financial planners because my circumstances are quite simple but it’s comforting knowing that they are there if ever I need them.”

Manny Naidoo, Perth

“No sooner had I completed my financial plan than my family circumstances changed so drastically that the plan was obsolete. I was able to go in and construct a new plan taking account of my new circumstances. I loved this flexibility and sense of control. I was able to stop my wife stressing and put my own mind at ease that things were not as bad as they seemed.”

Angie Donaldson, Melbourne

“Put simply Trulity gives you peace of mind. I recommend it to all my friends.”

Ronnie Naidoo, Rockhampton

“On joining I switched all my personal insurances to Trulity. I received a refund of 30% of my first year’s premiums which has more than paid for my subscriptions fees. I’m very happy.”

Britt Ray, Sydney

“I joined recently and noticed that they had this section titled ‘Best Rates’ in the members area. The best rate they had identified for home loans was 1.5% pa cheaper than what I was paying. I have a $680,000 loan so this is now saving me $10,200 a year. This is a massive saving. Keep up the good work guys.”

Martyn van Rensburg, Melbourne

“I’ve never previously used a financial planner believing that all they were interested in was selling product. My wife had heard about Trulity and together we looked into it. They have been a breath of fresh air. No product selling and the retirement plan they put together for us was first class.”

Sean Weissensee, Brisbane

“ I was one of the early subbie programmers to work on Trulity when they were developing this site. What struck me was their integrity and passion and how determined they were to challenge the financial planning industry particularly the banks. When I discovered the site had gone live I signed up and it’s really helped me to plot my financial future and give me peace of mind.”

Sarah Elsey, Brisbane

“I have been with Trulity since they launched and have seen them constantly improving the site. What has impressed me is not only how easy it was for me to prepare my initial financial plan but how easy it’s been for me to keep my plan up to date and conduct my own annual review.”

Ahmed Abdullah, Adelaide

“ I changed from my financial planner of some 12 years after my accountant introduced me to Trulity. They were very patient in replying to my enquiries about why they favoured index investing. I soon realised that I was paying thousands of dollars a year for no net gain. I implemented one of Trulity’s model portfolios with my online broker and am happy that I get to keep all the returns and not share it with my ex-financial planner, his bank employer and all the fund managers they had me in.”

Albie Jones, Perth

“I decided to go the whole hog and signed up for Trulity’s Wealth Creation Program. I learnt so much and true to their promise there was no product selling. They focussed purely on wealth creation concepts and integrated the course content very well with the website. My only regret is I did not learn this stuff 20 years ago. Once my kids start working I am going to encourage them to join Trulity and sign up for this program.”

Vaughan Williams, Sydney

“I like the freedom Trulity gives my investing. I am not stuck with managed funds. I use one of their model investment portfolios as the foundation within my self managed super and then add other stock picks that I fancy. After using the financial planning software I was convinced that I could afford two negatively geared properties so I bought them. Their portfolio management software allows me to track everything.”