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“When it comes to creating wealth and controlling your financial
future there is only one person you can trust and that’s you. Trulity
empowers you to create your financial future."

Bill Kruger, Chairman and Founder of Trulity

“For the first time ever I feel totally in control of my financial future. I chose to have a Trulity financial planner review my financial plan and was pleasantly surprised that there was no product selling. To get me started they focussed on low risk, common sense strategies that added many thousands of dollars to my projections.”
Laura Ingle, Sydney


What is Trulity?

Trulity is Australia’s only online financial planning website and has been designed for use by normal everyday people. The goal of Trulity is to bring affordable financial planning to all Australians to help you better control your finances and grow your wealth.

How is Trulity different to traditional financial planning?

Trulity does not sell investment products. We receive no revenue that is linked, in anyway, to how much you invest nor what you invest in. Our focus has been on eliminating the multi layered costs associated with traditional financial planning. Lowering your financial planning costs will increase your wealth.

Do I need special skills to use Trulity?

No. Trulity is designed to be used by everyday people. Our financial planning software is driven by simple yes/no style questions. You can easily test the outcomes of various actions before settling on a strategy. While you are provided with all the tools to prepare your own financial plan you also have offline support by accessing our team of financial planning specialists who are able to provide whatever assistance you may require.

Who is Bill Kruger?

Bill is the founder of Trulity. He is a Chartered Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner and holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Finance from Macquarie University. He has run his own accounting practices, developed a national network of financial planning offices and was awarded sole financial planning alliance partner status for Deloitte Australia. Bill grew disillusioned with the product selling focus of traditional financial planning and decided that online financial planning could deliver far better outcomes at a much lower price.

Is Trulity Licenced?

Yes, Trulity Holdings Pty Ltd is licenced and regulated by ASIC and holds an Australian Financial Services Licence number 289080. Trulity has never been subjected to any disciplinary sanctions.

Are my Trulity costs tax deductible?

As a general rule if you receive or intend to receive taxable investment income and Trulity is a component of your investing activity then, yes, your Trulity costs should be tax deductible. For definitive advice, taking into account your circumstances, please seek advice from your accountant or tax advisor.


What type of people become members?

Trulity attracts people who are interested in taking control of their financial future and patiently accumulating long term wealth. Our members range from young couples earning less than $80,000 pa to senior corporate managers earning up to, and over, a million dollars per annum.

When I become a member of Trulity what do I get?

You obtain exclusive access to the members area of our website which contains;

Unique financial planning software designed for use by non professionals.
Investment portfolio management software, allowing you to track the performance of all your investments (not just shares or managed funds) across an unlimited number of portfolios.
Personal budgeting software to help you establish a realistic personal budget of your income and expenses.
A chat forum allowing you to communicate with, learn from and exchange ideas with like minded people.
Sophisticated financial calculators designed to educate and answer commonly asked questions.
A wealth of financial planning related information available to you via our Desktop Adviser and Resource Centre.

What is the #1 Benefit of becoming a Member?

In our view it is the substantial cost savings you receive using Trulity compared to what you pay when using a traditional financial planner. We estimate most people will save approximately 3% per annum on their investments. These savings come from reducing or eliminating the following major costs;

Platform fees
Fund manager fees
Financial planner’s fees

Over the long term the compounded value of your savings will be massive. As an example, assume your investments earn 7% pa before fees over a 25 year period.For each $100k you invest you will create additional wealth of $276,159 by using Trulity.

How much does Membership cost?

Membership is currently $69 pm for an initial 12 month plan. Thereafter you may resign your membership at any time by giving us 30 days notice. We have a SPECIAL OFFER whereby if you join before you receive your first THREE months membership FREE.

Do I get a Free Trial before buying a Membership?

Sorry we no longer provide free trials. We made a decision that the content of our site is too valuable to simply give it away. If you wish to view our financial planning software click here to see a demonstration video of the software.

Is there a limit to the number of members Trulity takes on?

Yes, we ensure we do not take on more members than we can adequately service. As we grow we open the membership and then close it when we reach our target until the next growth phase. Membership is OPEN  but based on projected growth we expect to close the membership on or about .


Why do you not sell investment products?

We believe that once a planner’s income is linked directly or indirectly to how much you invest, or what you invest in, then their objectivity is compromised. We are approached with numerous investment opportunities and those that pass our benchmark tests are emailed to members. Again, we stress we receive no revenue from these opportunities and we do this purely as a service to members.

How do I invest with Trulity?

You have 2 options.

i. Do it yourself. You can use our model investment portfolios and other investing information we provide as a guide or

ii. You request us to invest for you. Our fees are $40 per month per portfolio irrespective of how much you invest.

What is the makeup of Trulity’s Model Investment Portfolios?

Our model portfolios consist of ASX listed securities, primarily exchange traded funds (AKA index funds) and listed investment companies (LIC’s). If you wish to replicate all or part of these portfolios all you need is your own online stockbroking account.

How have these Model Investment Portfolios Performed?

For the first 12 months ending May, 2013 since creating our portfolios they have achieved returns of;

Aggressive Growth 27.5%
Growth 23.0%
Balanced 17.1%
Conservative 12.7%


Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Products and Services

Do I have to visit your offices?

No, provided you have an internet connection, you can be located anywhere in Australia and deal directly with us from the comfort of your home.

Do I have to prepare my own financial plan?

You have 2 options.

i. Do it yourself. This is the lowest cost option. Our financial planning software is designed to be used by non-financial people so you should have no difficulty or

ii. Complete as much as you can then hand over to one of our highly qualified financial planners who will complete your financial plan. Be sure to select the ‘Initial Review’ Option when signing up.

Do I have access to qualified financial planners?

Yes. We recognise that there may be circumstances where you need the input of a financial planner. This can relate to simple questions such as ‘how do I fill in this form?’ to more complex advice related issues.Simply contact us via phone, live chat or email. To give you peace of mind a fixed time charge will be quoted upfront.

Can my Accountant work with me?

Absolutely, in fact we actively encourage you to work closely with your accountant. Introduce your accountant to our Affiliates Program which was created for this specific purpose.

If I am about to Retire can you prepare me a Retirement Financial Plan?

Absolutely. Simply contact us via telephone, live chat or email and one of our financial planners will provide you with a fixed time quote for preparing your plan including any transition strategies.

How easy is it to use Trulity’s Financial Planning Software?

Very easy. In satisfaction surveys our members have expressed their surprise and delight at how easy it is to use our Financial Planning Software. Simply enter your personal details and your wealth creation goals then answer the yes/no style questions. Your financial plan is then automatically produced. It is that simple.

What is Trulity’s Investment Portfolio Management Software?

Our Portfolio Software allows you to track all your investments whether they are shares, managed funds, real estate, collectibles or anything else. You may have an unlimited number of portfolios, including your SMSF, plus there is a consolidation feature which gives you a ‘one page’ view of all your holdings. The prices of ASX listed securities are updated daily at 7.30pm AEST whilst managed funds are updated monthly. The software also allows you to manage your CGT exposure

What is the Trulity Forum?

It is a members chat forum designed to allow members to interact with the membership group with the purpose of learning from each others experiences. Our financial planners monitor the content of members postings and will provide their input when they believe this will be of value.

Can I Buy Personal Insurances through Trulity?

Yes. We have a set fee of $299 per policy for members, irrespective of whether it is a new policy or you are switching policies. We provide a 100% refund of your first year’s premiums . Use your refund cheques to pay your membership costs. Click here to apply.

What the Press are Saying

Money Management December 2012

“Trulity wants to transform the way financial planning is delivered to Australians by offering a simple low-cost solution, with no hidden charges, no asset-based fees and no commissions…” “We have chosen to use technology to provide an alternative to the current full service financial planning model…”

The Australian Financial Review February 2013

Last year Kruger launched Trulity, an online DIY financial planning business ….the Trulity software “produces exactly what you would receive if you visited a financial planner but does so at a fraction of the cost” Kruger says that the software can craft a plan with relative ease. “People will begin to scratch their heads and wonder why they’ve paid thousands of dollars for this process,” he says. Kruger is talking from experience. Prior to launching Trulity, he followed a well-worn, conservative path into financial planning. Starting out as a chartered accountant, Kruger added a financial advice side to his practice that eventually dwarfed the bean-counting business. Kruger moved through a couple of the early accountant-friendly dealer groups. Bleakleys and Count and then ended up supplying financial planning services to Deloitte under an alliance arrangement. After selling up in 2008, Kruger reflected on a professional career that he felt had an unmistakable factory feel to it at times. “[The financial planning industry] is a big, repetitive machine churning out the same plans over and over,” he says. “If you pulled 100 files [from most advisory firms] 90 of them would probably be identical plans, except for different names, dates and numbers “I thought we should be able to computerise the whole process.”

Courier Mail December 2012

VETERAN Brisbane accountant Bill Kruger has thrown down the gauntlet to the financial planning industry. Getting a jump on what will be a new fee model - remember planners, thank Storm Financial for that - Kruger's website offers a capped monthly fee model with no asset-based fees and no commissions. Apparently people will be able to access modules to improve their understanding of their financial affairs and buy into basic investment portfolios consisting largely of ETFs and LICs. Not a mansion or private jet to be seen with this model.

Professional Planner December 2012

A financial planning service has thrown down the gauntlet to the industry by offering consumers an online platform…. “just as online stockbroking challenged traditional full service stockbroking, with all its accompanying benefits to consumers, we believe Trulity will be the start of revolutionising the delivery of financial planning…”

The New Zealand Herald January 2013

Tellingly, Trulity wasn't created as a revenge project by a disgruntled ex-client with nerdish, digital expertise but by an experienced former financial planner steeped in the traditional ways. Bill Kruger, who I was interviewing for an Australian magazine article, told me that after 20 or so years as a financial adviser he had come to the conclusion that "80 to 90 per cent" of financial plans were virtually the same. That is, if clients fall roughly into a limited number of categories the end product (the financial plan) they receive would inevitably look similar. Kruger thought the experience could be reproduced as computer code.

Wealth Professional February 2013

Trulity offered consumers “pretty much everything you need to control your own financial planning and investing activities”… The former accountant supplied financial planning services to Deloitte under an alliance arrangement, before selling up in 2008 and subsequently launching Trulity. Trulity produces model portfolios – composed mainly of direct equities, exchange-traded funds and other low-cost passive products – but it’s up to clients to implement investments themselves if they wish to follow the recommendations.

What our Members are saying

Chris Hefford, Sydney

“I have been accumulating my super for years with one of the large insurance companies and after reading Trulity’s comments about the costs of traditional financial planners I did some investigating. Let’s say I was sick at how much money I have wasted. I have now set up a SMSF with my accountant and am very happy using Trulity’s low cost financial planning model.”

Richard Sainsbury, Toowoomba

“Having recently qualified, and with a young family, I was interested in setting up a financial plan to secure our futures but was put off by the costs quoted by my bank’s financial planner. A friend introduced me to Trulity and I have been amazed at the low cost and how easy it has been for me to create my own plan. I have not had to use Trulity’s financial planners because my circumstances are quite simple but it’s comforting knowing that they are there if ever I need them.”

Manny Naidoo, Perth

“No sooner had I completed my financial plan than my family circumstances changed so drastically that the plan was obsolete. I was able to go in and construct a new plan taking account of my new circumstances. I loved this flexibility and sense of control. I was able to stop my wife stressing and put my own mind at ease that things were not as bad as they seemed.”

Angie Donaldson, Melbourne

“Put simply Trulity gives you peace of mind. I recommend it to all my friends.”

Ismail Singh, Townsville

“On joining I switched all my personal insurances to Trulity. I was paying $1100 per month, and after deducting their fees, they are sending me refund cheques totalling $12,602. The way I see it this pays my Trulity membership for the next 15 years. I certainly never received such a good deal from my previous financial planner.”

Britt Ray, Sydney

“I joined recently and noticed that they had this section titled ‘Best Rates’ in the members area. The best rate they had identified for home loans was 1.5% pa cheaper than what I was paying. I have a $680,000 loan so this is now saving me $10,200 a year. This saving more than pays for my membership. What also impressed me was they get no commissions from this. They simply provide it as a service to members.”

Martyn van Rensburg, Melbourne

“I’ve never previously used a financial planner believing that all they were interested in was selling product. My wife had heard about Trulity and together we looked into it. They have been a breath of fresh air. No product selling and the retirement plan they put together for us was first class.”

Sean Weissensee, Brisbane

“ I was one of the early subbie programmers to work on Trulity when they were developing this site. What struck me was their integrity and passion and how determined they were to challenge the financial planning industry particularly the banks. When I discovered the site had gone live I signed up and it’s really helped me to plot my financial future and give me peace of mind.”

Sarah Elsey, Brisbane

“I have been with Trulity since they launched and have seen them constantly improving the site. What has impressed me is not only how easy it was for me to prepare my initial financial plan but how easy it’s been for me to keep my plan up to date and conduct my own annual review.”

Ahmed Abdullah, Adelaide

“ I changed from my financial planner of some 12 years after my accountant introduced me to Trulity. They were very patient in replying to my enquiries about why they favoured index investing. I soon realised that I was paying thousands of dollars a year for no net gain. I implemented one of Trulity’s model portfolios with my online broker and am happy that I get to keep all the returns and not share it with my ex-financial planner, his bank employer and all the fund managers they had me in.”

Albie Jones, Perth

“I decided to go the whole hog and signed up for Trulity’s Wealth Creation Program. I learnt so much and true to their promise there was no product selling. They focussed purely on wealth creation concepts and integrated the course content very well with the website. My only regret is I did not learn this stuff 20 years ago. Once my kids start working I am going to encourage them to join Trulity and sign up for this program.”

Vaughan Williams, Sydney

“I like the freedom Trulity gives my investing. I am not stuck with managed funds. I use one of their model investment portfolios as the foundation within my self managed super and then add other stock picks that I fancy. After using the financial planning software I was convinced that I could afford two negatively geared properties so I bought them. Their portfolio management software allows me to track everything.”